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1.5K GM+JT Cryostat is Successfully Developed


With the development of science and technology, the technical level of domestic universities and research institutes has been continuously improved, and the demand for ultra-low temperature systems (below 1.5K) has become more and more intense in many experimental or scientific research fields.In order to meet the needs of customers, PRIDE’s ultra-low temperature fully utilizes the low temperature advantage, and the self-developed GM cryocooler is used as the pre-cooling cold source, and combined with JT throttling technology, the first commercial large sample space closed loop 1.5K cryogenic system has been completed. It has passed continuity testing, reliability testing, and all indicators meet customer requirements.

This type of big sample space 1.5K cryogenic system take our company’s KDE415 cryocooler as cold source. The pre-

cooled helium gas is further cooled by refluxing cold helium gas to be throttled, then super-flowing helium is 

obtained. Achieve a low temperature environment of 1.5K or less, and the saturated vapor pressure is maintained by 

evacuation and decompression at this environment. The extracted cold helium gas is pressurized by the booster pump after being pre-cooled and then enters the circulation pipe again to achieve a closed loop. This system can reach a 

minimum temperature at 1.2K, temperature stability better than ±6mK, cryogenic capacity larger than 300mW@2K, 

sample space larger than φ300*200mm, cool down time less than 17h.


The cryogenic system takes full account of the user experience. It has the following characteristics.

1. It adopts helium circulation refrigeration, no liquid helium, only power consumption, simple operation and low 

operating cost;

2. The whole system adopts fully automatic control model, with one-button cooling and one-button re-warming 

operation, which greatly improves the operation simplicity; and can realize automatic temperature control in the whole temperature zone;

3. It has larger sample space. At the same time, 10 coaxial cables and 50 DC leads are reserved, which greatly 

enriches the customer's testing needs.


It is expected that the smooth delivery of this equipment will enable customers to obtain more excellent scientific 

research results. It is also expected that PRIDE Cryogenics can use the accumulated technical experience to provide 

convenience and service for more and more scientific researchers!


In addition, we also provide various open and closed low temperature system below 1.5K, customized demand also