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Join Pride Cryogenic, accomplish your dream and my dream:

Ø  Pride Cryogenic provides competitive salary, establishes a scientific and reasonable incentive-oriented compensation system and salary dynamic adjustment mechanism;

Ø  Diversified benefits, in addition to five insurance and one gold, also provide professional training services, regular health Ø  examinations, mutual aid funds, paid vacations, excellent employee travel, various special awards, holiday allowances, etc.;

Ø  Provide free working meals, fully equipped staff apartments and staff activity centers, shuttle buses to and from employees in most areas of Nanjing to pick up and go to work;

Ø  Candidates with outstanding master's degree interviews may be recruited according to the 724 Institute.

Ø  Sound personnel training, promotion and growth mechanism: systematic management, professional skills pre-post post training; scientific personnel training, evaluation mechanism, providing a dual-channel promotion and growth mechanism for professional sequence, management sequence and talent growth.

Ø  One-on-one tutors: Deploy expert-level tutors to teach, stage mentoring for the development of talents according to the characteristics of the talents; carry out various job skills training for employees of various levels to help them improve their business skills.