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Pride Cryogenics support Quantum Information Research


Because of the unique security (theoretically impossible to be cracked or eavesdropped), quantum communication has attracted a large number of scholars for research in recent years. In the field of quantum communication, single photon detection and excitation is one of the foundations of quantum communication. Effective communication is inseparable from efficient single photon detectors. To achieve efficient detection, a Cryocooler is required to provide an ultra-low temperature environment, and the requirements for the low temperature environment are extremely harsh. The temperature is required to be about 2K, and the lower temperature,the better.

In 2016, CSIC Pride Cryogenic(Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd developed the  superconducting single photon detection low temperature system for quantum communication. The helium compressor, has the disadvantages of large size, high power consumption, and is not convenient for the miniaturization and portability of the detection system. It is less competitive than foreign brands in the market of this field.

In 2019, On this basis, our company has developed a miniaturized air-cooled helium compressor. However, the successful development of the prototype did not bring the joy of harvest. On the road of mass production and improvement in three years, the first generation prototype failed to be introduced to the market due to various reasons.


In 2020, The market will never wait for backward steps. In the face of R & D difficulties and market demand, the Pride Cryogenic R & D team combed the technical bottlenecks and redeveloped. Starlight asks not those who trudge on their ways. In 2020, the KDC1000A prototype of the second generation small air-cooled helium compressor has achieved a breakthrough success after it was launched, and its main parameters and performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.


In 2021, after it was officially launched to the market in 2021, it has achieved good results in selling more than 50 sets within just one and a half years, and has established long-term cooperation with relevant domestic companies and major universities. At present, the products of CSIC Pride Cryogenic have been successfully applied to frontier research and application experiments such as quantum information.