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I-Liquefier 40


I-Liquefier40 Compact Movable Helium Liquefier has a typical feature that the cold head inserts into the Dewar directly. The Helium compressor and the liquefier is integrated together and be skid-mounted into a small dimension, which is movable in the state of power-on. The liquid helium can be transferred into the customer’s device directly, no need a transportation Dewar so that the liquid helium consumption is avoided.

Helium liquefy rate 40L/d
Dimension 1650x760x1735mm (compressor included)
Weight 600kg
Cold head KDE415SA
compressor KDC6000V
Quantity of cryocooler 2 sets
Dewar 200L
Cooling time <4h
Power supply of GM cryocooler 3PH AC380V 50Hz
Cooling down: 14.4Kw
Operation: 13Kw
Power supply of control unit Single PH  AC110V—240V 50~60Hz (Power consumption1KW)
Cooling water Inlet temperature 5~25℃, flow rate7-9L/min, pressure8bar
Helium requirement Purity: >99.999%
Inlet Temp.: -20℃~40℃
Helium requirement Purity: >99.999%
Inlet Temp.: -20℃~40℃