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Cryogenic Helium Cycling System


Cryogenic Helium Cycling System

One or multiple KDE400SX cold heads are paralleled connected inside the system. Helium gas is  cooled at each cold head and converge into helium cycling pump for pressurization, the temperature of helium gas is about 27K. Then the low temperature helium gas will be outputted onto a swirling or stable object for cooling on one way. The returned helium is evenly distributed into each cold head to be cooled down again for cycling.


Cycling Cooling Capacity


Cold Source

KDE400SX-KDC6000 GM Cryocooler

Quantity of Cold Heads

1-10 sets (Optional)

Cycling helium gas temperature



Low Vibration, High cooling capacity

Compact Structure

Auto Control


→Cryogenic Helium Cycling System (6 Cold Heads)  

→ KDE400SX                

→Cryogenic Helium Cycling System (10 Cold Heads)

PID drawing:

→ It provides cooling power for either equipment unit or key parts of large-scale high temperature superconducting machine.

→ The cold head used in the system is high performance single-stage cold head, whose cooling power is 65W@25K.