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KDCP-8 Cryopump



Cryopump (also known as cryogenic vacuum pump) is a positive displacement vacuum pump that uses the principle of cryogenic condensation and cryogenic adsorption to pump air. It is an equipment for obtaining oil-free high vacuum environment.

Product features:

Extremely high vacuum degree, up to 10-9pa extreme vacuum degree;

No oil, no pollution, using low-temperature cold plate to condense and adsorb gas to obtain and maintain vacuum;

Large gas pumping speed and fast exhaust speed;

The operation cost is low, only power and cooling water are required, and cryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen are not required;

Simple operation and high cost performance.

High reliability, low-speed operation, long service life; External interference and particles in the system will not affect the operation of the cryogenic pump.

The cryogenic pump is suitable for applications requiring clean oil-free and / or rapid air extraction, such as vacuum exhaust equipment, sputtering coating equipment, evaporation coating equipment, ion implantation equipment, molecular beam epitaxy equipment, electron beam equipment, space simulation device, high-energy physics research device, accelerator beam tube, surface analysis device, and other high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum devices.