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  • CSIC Pride(Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • CSIC Pride(Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • CSIC Pride(Nanjing) Cryogenic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Gas gap phase modulation cryogenic refrigerator technology

Combines the advantages of the GM cryocooler and the vessel cryogenic refrigerator. The gas between the cylinder and the piston in the GM cryogenic refrigerator passes the action of the phase adjusting device to achieve the effect of vessel cooling and eliminates the seal ring, thereby solving the problem of degradation in refrigeration performance and reliability due to wear of the seal ring, and greatly prolonging Cold head maintenance cycle and life. Has applied for global patents and domestic patents.

Nanofiltration channel oil separation technology

Through the use of nano-scale advanced filter materials and oil separation technology, the oil in the high-pressure helium gas generated by the press pack is completely separated and returned to the press pack, which reduces the burden on the oil adsorber and greatly prolongs the maintenance cycle of the compressor.

Pulse Tube Refrigerator Technology for Automatically Regulating Gas Flow and Phase

According to the performance degradation signal caused by the change of the working condition of the refrigerator, the flow and phase of the gas in the system are automatically adjusted, thereby suppressing the attenuation of the refrigeration performance and greatly improving the reliability and stability of the refrigerator.

Large Scale Integrated Circuits - Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Low Temperature Vacuum Pump Technology

Adjustable frequency and compressor air volume distribution to achieve energy-saving effect; use of environmentally friendly cold storage materials, intelligent control, rapid regeneration and complete regeneration optional; improved cold plate structure and size design, resulting in a large pumping speed and Pumping capacity; gas gap phased cryogenic refrigeration technology and nanofiltration channel oil separation technology, greatly extended the maintenance cycle and life of cryogenic vacuum pump.

Low temperature refrigeration technology of mixed refrigerant without combustible gas

The use of low temperature refrigeration technology for mixed refrigerants that does not contain combustible gases fully guarantees safety and can reach liquid nitrogen temperatures. Can be widely used in coal gas recovery, natural gas liquefaction, infrared detection and low temperature refrigerators.

Pulse tube expander technology for large cryogenic condensate liquefaction devices

There is no moving part at low temperature, and it can replace the traditional piston and permeating mechanical expander technology and is applied to large-scale low-temperature condensing and liquefying equipment.

Gas purification, condensation, liquefaction and recovery technologies

Nano-oil separation technology and vascular expander technology have effectively improved the efficiency and reliability of large-scale cryogenic purification, condensation, liquefaction and recovery devices.