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Take part in CCMP-2018 in Shanghai



    During 5th-8th of July 2018, the fourth Condensed Matter Physics Conference (CCMP-2018) was successfully held at Shanghai Fu Yue hotel. The meeting was attended by the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of physics and astronomy of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the Department of physics of the Fudan University. In order to exchange the latest research progress in condensed matter physics and related cross-cutting fields, the invitation report of the congress, the invitation report of the branch and the display board were adopted.

    As one of the main sponsors, CSIC Pride Cryogenics attaches great importance to this meeting. Many products such as low temperature thermostat and cryogenic refrigerator for single photon detection have been exhibited in the field. Many experts and scholars came to our booth to show great interest in the display equipment, and with our engineers conducted a wide range of in-depth discussion.
The products exhibited during the meeting have attracted wide attention of scholars and researchers. Many scholars come to the ultra-low temperature exhibition stand to ask for product information during the meeting.
    This meeting provides a good opportunity for the cooperation between the super low temperature strengthening and the domestic condensed matter physics research unit.CSIC Pride Cryogenics  hopes to make full use of its own technical advantages in the field of low temperature, and promote the relevant units to carry out the research and development of condensed state physics and develop the research and development of its scientific research. Direct productivity.
    Our company will uphold the spirit of the general assembly to provide the best products and services for the vast number of researchers. At the same time, our team is developing and welcoming our friends with common ideals to join us and work together to promote the development of the low temperature field.