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Successfully take part in the eighth international cryo-ops 2018



    The eighth international cryo-ops 2018 conference was successfully held on June 4, 2018 at the institute of high energy physics, Chinese academy of sciences.

    The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the latest development of cryogenic technology in large accelerator cryogenic system and the problems and solutions in the operation of cryogenic system. It mainly includes technical discussion on operation, maintenance, safety and control of cryogenic system. Pengli (nanjing) ultra-low temperature technology co., ltd. of China shipbuilding heavy industry shares the latest technological development of the industry in the form of industrial exhibition.
    pride ultra-low temperature will continue to be guided by scientific and technological innovation, focus on supporting important scientific instruments and equipment and big science project development, to provide users with independent intellectual property rights of the international leading level of the diversity of cryogenic equipment. Pengli ultra-low temperature is the first enterprise in China to own the independent intellectual property right and realize industrialization of GM refrigerating machine in the world.
    This workshop successfully held, not only expanded the company famous and influential in the related field, and also let all over the world a better understanding of experts in the field of low temperature peng cryogenic products, low temperature in the field of construction for the future to provide more opportunities for international cooperation.