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Helium Recovery Purification and Liquefaction System Successfully Opened the Fir


The cold wind and frosty climate can't resist the initial heart of our service for researching; the north and south through the river can't stop our determination to step ahead. Time flies, the mission of CSIC PRIDE Cryogenics to achieve low temperature dreams never stops!At the beginning of the new year, PRIDE successfully signed a project of Helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system with West Lake University, and achieved a good start in the ultra-low temperature market in 2019.

West Lake University is a privately-run research university established in Zhejiang Province. It focuses on science, life and health, and cutting-edge technology to establish a first-level discipline. PRIDE Cryogenics actively responded to the needs of teachers at West Lake University, and leaded a technical and commercial communication with teachers about the liquefaction system, and invited teachers to visit the site. Professional standards and sincere service finally made our products win the trust of customers.

This is the first set of liquefaction equipment of our company in Zhejiang Province. We will go all out to improve and create high stability, high reliability and high automation products, so that West Lake University can use it with peace of mind and convenience.
The following table is the main characteristics and specification about our Helium recovery purification liquefaction system:

Main Characteristics
Fully automated control, one button start and stop
Helium Liquefaction amount  20-200L/day
Provide a visual operation interface
Helium recovery amount 5-200Nm3/h
Modular design with high integration
Helium Purification Capacity  5-200Nm3/h
Multiple connectors for simultaneous liquefaction and infusion
Helium Purity  ≥99.9995%

Fast after-sales response, low maintenance and repair costs