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New product launched- Cryogenic Helium Cycling System


The system is mainly used in superconductivity magnet cooling down, superconductivity motors cooling down and other requirements. The cold head transmits the cooling power by circulating helium to high-temperature magnet, this process will decrease the temperature difference quickly. The system has been sold 5 units over domestic market, the first set was sold in 2017 and still working with steady performance at customers application site.

The cryogenic helium cycling system consists of GM cryooler, cold head heat exchanger, helium cycling pump, cold box, buffer tank, pipes and control unit. The GM cryocooler, cold head heat exchangers and helium cycling pump are all integrated into the cold box.

The GM cryocooler adopts Pride own KDE400SX, the cold head heat exchanger adopts customized high-efficiency heat exchanger; the buffer tank is made of 304 stainless steel and designed and manufactured according to the pressure vessel to ensure the safety of the system; the pipeline adopts sanitary internal polished stainless steel pipes.

Application site1:330W@27K cryogenic helium cycling system 

6 set of cryocoolers+ helium cycling pump.

 Circulation flow is 12m3/h@27K@0.8MPa.

Cooling power is 330W@27K.

Application site2:  535W@27K cryogenic helium cycling system

10 set of cryocoolers+ helium cycling pump.

 Circulation flow is 12m3/h.

Cooling power is 535W@27K.