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Helium Purifier and Liquefier

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KDHRR20 Helium Liquefier


KDHRR20 Helium Reliquefier

KDHRR20 helium reliquefier takes KDE415-KDC6000 GM cryocooler as the core and provides the helium liquefying ratio of 15-20L/day, which consists of liquefying unit, auto-control, safety protection unit and elevator-platform. It can be used for helium liquefaction as well as re-liquefaction after liquid helium evaporation, and provides one ideal solution for liquid helium consumer.


Full automatically and reliably running without any watch monitoring;
Easy to remove, install and run in the lab using small floor area;
Mature technique and low maintenance cost as a result of G-M cryocooler for cooling;
System's pressure controlled by computer, which is safe and stable.


KDHRR20 Specification
Size 820×1350×2000mm
Weight 850kg
Cooling water 7~10L/min@28
Energy consumption Cool down state: 8KW
Liquefy state: 6.5KW
Liquefy rate 20L/day4PSI
Features Helium gas purity requirement99.999%Movable, auto control, can liquefy the pure helium gas either from cylinder or experimental equipment