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Helium Purifier and Liquefier

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Helium recovery and purification liquefaction system


Helium recovery and purification liquefaction system

Based on the principles of low temperature condensation, low temperature curing and low temperature adsorption, CSIC Pride (Nanjing) Ultra Low Temperature Technology Co., Ltd. uses GM refrigerator to develop and produce helium gas liquefaction recovery system unit to recover, purify and liquefy helium gas with automatic running.

System Features:

1. Fully automatic control, one button start and stop

2. Provide a visual operation interface

3. Modular design, high integration

4. The system can be customized to meet the needs of users

5.100% domestically produced, providing equipment, installation and commissioning services

6. Fast after-sale response, low maintenance and repair costs

Technical Parameters:

Liquefaction amount 20-200L/day

He Recycling amount 5-200Nm3/h

He Purification capacity 5-200 Nm3/h

He Purified purity 99.999%