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Helium Purifier and Liquefier

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KDHRR200 Helium Liquefier


Helium liquefy  rate 200L/d
Dimension 10200x460x800mm (main engine, infusion tube excluded)
1720x2300x2740mm (whole machine)
Weight 593kg (main engine)
1660kg (whole machine, compressor excluded)
Cold head KDE415SA
compressor KDC6000V
Quantity of cryocooler 10 sets
Dewar 1000L
Cooling time <4h
Power supply of GM cryocooler 3PH AC380V 50Hz
Cooling down: 72Kw
Operation: 65Kw
Power supply of control unit Single PH  AC110V—240V 50~60Hz (Power consumption<1KW)
Cooling water Inlet temperature 5~25℃, flow rate70-90L/min, pressure<8bar
Helium requirement Purity: >99.999%
Inlet Temp.: -20℃~40℃